Do It Without Expectation

One of the principles of GO NAKED Selling is the idea of ‘giving value without expectation’.

And one of the most common responses is, ‘Yeah, but really you’re doing it because you want something in return… right?’


We’re all in sales. That much is clear.

But the important point is where your focus lies.

If your focus is on the transaction or the sale, then that will be evident to everyone around you, not least the customer. As such, you will be lost amongst the myriad of other people out there trying to take first.

Conversely, if your focus is on building value, on creating significance, on offering help and support; then the transaction or the sale will be the result of the earlier activity.

And the way to create value without expectation is to do it universally and frequently. In other words, to create value for as many people as possible, as often as possible.

That way it just becomes your modus operandi.

The thing you do.

And then you exceed all expectations.


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