What To Do With Vampires

I met a vampire the other day so thought I would re-share this post from March 2014…


Vampires are mythological beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person. Unfortunately, there also exist the metaphorical vampires – who may not feed on the same food as their mythical cousins, but feed instead on the essence and energy of others. They feed on negativity, on one-upmanship; they also feed on inertia, fear and scarcity; they lack imagination, are constrained in their thinking and are beleaguered.

And unlike the Twilight series would have you believe, these beings do not stand for good or righteousness and they cannot be saved. They are destined for failure.

Knowing how to spot one of these metaphorical creatures could save you today. Knowing how to stave them off could protect you tomorrow. No good can come from associating with vampires.

How do you know they’re a vampire?

At first they may not appear negative. In fact, on the face of it they may appear perfectly pleasant and upbeat. But spending any extended time in the presence of them should warn you that their sole purpose is to suck any positive energy from you and replace it with their negative energy. It may be that they moan or whine; it may be that rather than looking for a way forwards they’re immersed in the past. Or it may be that rather than positively challenge they negatively criticise and snipe. Either way they’re likely to pollute your mind with negative thoughts.

Whatever you’ve done, you can guarantee that they’ve done it better. Even just a bit. Don’t try to take a moment to revel in the glory of any achievement – these people will shoot you down immediately and instead take the opportunity to gain the advantage of feeling superior through one-upmanship. They’ll never know what it feels like to listen to someone else’s story; to do some with genuine curiosity; to ask them to explain more and to see the significance which that creates. What a shame. They’re intent on being the ones to take the glory and steal the limelight.

There is no positive forward momentum from these people, only inertia. They are trapped by inaction and hesitancy, and as such, they become stagnant. They’re narrow in their outlook and see not the optimistic, but the pessimistic. Hesitancy is common place, as is their inability to challenge the status quo.

As such, they are fearful and anxious. But not fearing to others (unlike their mythical cousins) but fearful. They concern themselves with worry and anxiety of elements beyond their control. They believe that external events or conditions determine their inner well-being and so are constantly in a state of uncertainty and unhappiness. They are fearful of you and me and anyone else who wants to change things for the better.

They believe that there isn’t enough out there for everyone. ‘Abundance’ isn’t a word they’re accustomed to thinking or using. Instead they worry that if they share with you their idea, you may steal it. Worse still, they wrongly believe that if they’re open and honest with you that they will put themselves at risk of not achieving what they could have; that you may do it first. As such they become lonely and trapped, never appreciating what possibilities could have lay before them if only they’d opened up and shunned this idea of scarcity.

They lack creativity and imagination. Worse still, they criticise those people who try to make a difference, who try to make things better. They are stifled in their thinking and unwilling to consider the ideas of others. Only when it’s their idea – and it rarely is – will they believe that they can benefit from it directly. If you offer help, they’ll probably shun it.

They are constrained in their thinking. They put up barriers and obstacles which they often believe to be insurmountable – more a matter of perception than reality. There are always reasons why not – why not to try something or to give it a go. They’ll put it off for another day, but another day which rarely comes.

And so in the new economy they are a beleaguered group and are only reflective of a time gone by. They will not prosper and form a minority. They are the lost souls.

How do you protect yourself from a vampire?

Although they may look appealing, unfortunately the traditional methods of staving off vampires don’t work for the metaphorical type. A stake through the heart isn’t an option and wearing a string of garlic would just be weird! Only one method can be relied upon.

Do not invite them into your life. Do not give them a platform. In the event that they enter uninvited, ignore their miserable outlook and should they already be there, then be prepared to sack them.

Do not allow them to feed from your positive energy; ignore their one-upmanship; pity the inertia, the fear and their lack of abundance; continue to be creative and open in your thinking and accept that they are reflective of a time gone by which has no place in the new economy.


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