Throwing Enough…

There’s a minimum level of activity required to achieve a desired output.

If you only make one call a day, then the maximum return you’ll ever make is based on that one call.

Conversely, if you make ten calls a day, then the maximum return you’ll achieve is ten times the former.

Or is it?

Suppose the quality of my one call a day is fantastic, the best I can ever hope for! Let’s call that a ten-out-of-ten in terms of quality.

And consider the quality of my ten calls a day are poor, all about the numbers, just ticking a box. Let’s call that a on- out-of-ten in terms of quality.

So we have two scenarios:

The first where we do one call a day, do it great (a ten out of ten) and so get an output of ten.

And one where we do ten calls a day, do them poorly (a one out of ten) and so also get an output of ten.


So in actual fact, an inequitable position of just doing a lot of stuff with a disregard for quality or instead focusing on purely quality without consideration for the quantity required leads to no change in performance.

The key of course is to balance the number of calls or the quantity of activity, and the quality.


In other words, doing enough of the right stuff, as getting the balance right between the two does lead to a much greater increase in performance and output.

So here’s the question.

Consider what you did today.

Did you do enough of the right stuff?


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