Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber

An echo chamber is a description of a situation in which information, ideas, or beliefs are reinforced by communication and repetition inside a defined system.

To put it another way, our worldview is amplified by the information, ideas and beliefs that we expose ourselves to.

In the instance that we take a polarized position on a point, it’s normal to seek out information, ideas and beliefs that reinforce that position.

If I believe in an abundant approach to business, then I’ll likely seek out people who reinforce that point – who talk of the benefits of partnerships, openness and creating value. Conversely, if I believe in a zero-sum approach, then I’ll look for people who reinforce that perspective – who describe a win-at-all costs, independent and single-minded philosophy.

In our drive to be seen as Credible Experts in our field and engage in a peer-to-peer sale with customers as partners, then it’s important that we mitigate the risks of amplifying a polarized world-view and instead, work to understand different perspectives.

Whilst that doesn’t preclude us from having an opinion, by becoming informed we can help to raise awareness and provoke thought in the pursuit of a customer’s goal, objective, problem or challenge.


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