The Credible Expert – Available Soon!

The selling environment and role of the sales professional has changed.


Gone are the days when the organisation, the product, or the solutions provided the greatest opportunity for differentiation. Today is no longer about features and benefits, need-satisfaction, or solution selling; it’s about the role that the sales professional plays as the single biggest point of differentiation.

The Credible Expert provides you the sales professional with the second installment of the GO NAKED series, this time with an even more thought-provoking and practical perspective on how to stand out, create more opportunities and grow your business

It breaks down the steps required for securing opportunities and making sales so that – irrespective of your experience you will be able to select the right customers, delver compelling messages and develop thought provoking and change enabling discussions.

In this book, you will understand why the role of the sales professional has changed and exactly what is required to capitalise on the extraordinary opportunity which presents itself for those people who can adopt the role of the professional change marker.

Based on the inherent belief that it’s the salesperson that makes the biggest difference in delivering successful outcomes, this book will provide you with a step-by-step guide to becoming the Credible Expert in your market. By following its methodology, you will stand out, create more opportunities, and deliver business success.



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