The Book

Forget the traditional model of selling which says that you should focus first on the transaction or the sale.


It’s outdated thinking and there is another way.

That is to develop stronger, more powerful relationships by adopting an approach which is more authentic and more real; which strips away the unnecessary layers, and then focuses on how to add greater significance to others.

That way is to GO NAKED.

This book will help you discover ways to build stronger, more effective relationships with people so that whether you are selling yourself, a product or a service, you can step away from the majority and increase your chances of longer-term success.

What people are saying.

GO NAKED is a must-read for anyone in business. No matter what your job title, you are in sales and this book will show you how exactly how to stand out in your industry.
Jacqueline BiggsInternational Best-Selling Author, Marketing to Win

A fabulous read! Great insights into how to build relationships and be more successful in sales without selling today. Michael really shows us how to ‘GO NAKED’!
Sháá Wasmund, Entrepreneur and Author of #1 Best Seller, Stop Talking, Start Doing

In Michael Smith’s book, GO NAKED, you’re going to discover why honesty, authenticity and a relentless service-orientation are the keys to building real relationships and outselling the competition in the new economy.
Jamie Smart, Author of #1 Best Seller, CLARITY: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results

Michael Smith’s GO NAKED exposes everything you need to know about how to sell and how not to sell. From the beginning, he dispels myths and archaic ways of thinking, replacing outdated high-pressure, pump-and-dump techniques with fresh insights on building win-win relationships that last for a lifetime. This book is a timely read for anyone in business looking to create lifelong clients who are also raving fans.
Isaiah Hankel, Author, Black Hole Focus 

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