Ten Things I Learned From The Your Turn Challenge

  1. If you’re stuck, ask yourself a question
  2. Start to notice stuff – anything and anyone that you interact with – and consider how else it could be interpreted and applied
  3. Having routine builds momentum and aids delivery
  4. If you commit to something, tell people. It helps to hold you accountable
  5. There isn’t just one way of doing something so don’t be constrained in your thinking. (Often we say, ‘no’ because we’re thinking in one particular way)
  6. When you ‘deliver’ on something and do it routinely it becomes a habit and starts to influence other areas of what you do
  7. Writing crystalises your thinking (I think I knew this but it’s been reaffirmed this past week)
  8. Do it because you want to – not for someone else or for any other reason. Just because you want to
  9. Schedule stuff (for the first time in two years I used the ‘schedule’ facility on WordPress) It really helps and saves time!
  10. There’s always time to do stuff – more stuff. So acknowledge that it’s not a question of time but one of priority

Thank you to Winnie Kao for organising this challenge



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