The Credible Expert

The Credible Expert is a must-read for anyone in the medical industry who is looking to stand out, create more opportunities and grow their business. After reading it you will: Understand how the market has changed and what you need to do to capitalise on it Consider the characteristics of the ‘intrapreneur’ and the rise of these dynamic […]

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Getting It Cheap

Delight, trust and personal connection don’t come from ‘getting it cheaper there’. Assuming you’re offering an equivalent scope of product or service, positioning yourself as the cheapest in the market is rarely a viable approach in the long-run, and it’s unlikely it will remain an equivalent scope of product or service for long. And so […]

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Do It Without Expectation

One of the principles of GO NAKED Selling is the idea of ‘giving value without expectation’. And one of the most common responses is, ‘Yeah, but really you’re doing it because you want something in return… right?’ No. We’re all in sales. That much is clear. But the important point is where your focus lies. […]

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