The Credible Expert

The Credible Expert is a must-read for anyone in the medical industry who is looking to stand out, create more opportunities and grow their business. After reading it you will: Understand how the market has changed and what you need to do to capitalise on it Consider the characteristics of the ‘intrapreneur’ and the rise of these dynamic […]

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Getting It Cheap

Delight, trust and personal connection don’t come from ‘getting it cheaper there’. Assuming you’re offering an equivalent scope of product or service, positioning yourself as the cheapest in the market is rarely a viable approach in the long-run, and it’s unlikely it will remain an equivalent scope of product or service for long. And so […]

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Throwing Enough…

There’s a minimum level of activity required to achieve a desired output. If you only make one call a day, then the maximum return you’ll ever make is based on that one call. Conversely, if you make ten calls a day, then the maximum return you’ll achieve is ten times the former. Or is it? […]

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Raise Awareness

How To Raise Awareness

If we acknowledge that ‘to challenge’ is actually to ‘raise awareness’ – to raise awareness to different options, alternative views and greater possibilities; to provide unique insights, to skillfully question, and to share experiences; to share knowledge, provoke thought and connect. If this is what it means to challenge, then there are three routes to […]

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