Inspect What You Expect

The likelihood is that, if you only measure how often you call on a prospective customer, you’ll be interested in how often you see that person. Similarly, if you only measure your feedback after the event, it’s probable that your focus will only be on the event feedback. And finally, if you decide to track […]

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Throwing Enough…

There’s a minimum level of activity required to achieve a desired output. If you only make one call a day, then the maximum return you’ll ever make is based on that one call. Conversely, if you make ten calls a day, then the maximum return you’ll achieve is ten times the former. Or is it? […]

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The Lamp Post

I walked past a tube station the other day, it was a little after nine and dark outside. The was a lamp post not far from the tube station entrance and a man was walking around beneath it, looking intently at the ground.  It was pretty quiet that time of night and so this chap […]

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