Why ‘Possible’ Is Essential

Of course it may seem impossible:

Converting that competitive account;

Changing the practice of that one, difficult, prospective customer;

Turning around the fortunes of a failing business or territory;

Setting up a new business in a competitive environment; or

Managing a difficult relationship or boss.

In the moment, all of these challenges – and many more – can seem impossible and it can lead you to think that actually, it’s probably better to give up and look to elsewhere, for something easier.

But there are some important questions to ask:

Has anyone ever converted a competitive account before?

Has someone ever changed the practice of a difficult customer before?

Has anyone ever turned around a failing business or territory before?

Has someone ever established a new business in a competitive environment before?

Has anyone ever successfully managed a difficult relationship or boss?

The answer, of course, to all of these is, ‘yes’.

But the fact that the answer is ‘yes’ is actually more important than first glance may suggest.

Because in knowing that something difficult has been done before, in knowing that a challenge or obstacle has been overcome, and in knowing that people – and many of them – have prevailed in difficult circumstances, lets you know that it is possible.

As you begin 2015, give some thought to what the number one challenge is that you could solve, and take solace and assurance from the fact that someone, somewhere, has successfully navigated a similar challenge before.

Because once you know it’s possible, it completely changes your mindset and perspective and leads you onto the next important question:

If I know it’s possible, how can I make it a reality?


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