Life ring

No One Is Coming To Save You

No one is coming to save you. There won’t be a life ring, life raft or lifeboat.

The only person who can save you – is you.

If business is down, if sales have slumped, if customers have left; there isn’t help on the horizon. There’s only you and a set of skills that can help you stand out and which, paradoxically, nobody teaches in school or college or university or in most workplaces.

Those skills are:

  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Connection
  • Resilience
  • Abundance
  • And Sales.

If you are experiencing a dip, a rough patch, an unexpected blip, then the only way to get out of it and back on the up is to focus on these skills.

To be creative – to think openly, divergently and in terms of possibilities.

To empathise with and understand others – to consider the goals, objectives, problems and challenges affecting their world.

To look for a connection with others, through networking, forums, groups and one-to-one interactions.

To be resilient in the face of uncertainty and challenge, and remain focused on the outcome.

To think abundantly, generously and gratefully.

And finally, to sell.

It’s the most important one but it comes at the end of the list. As if you get the other bits right, then the sale will always follow as a consequence.


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