Tape Measure

Measuring Future Performance

Of course the outcome of anything is measured by the result.

The result tells us whether what we did – how much, with whom and in what way – was effective and successful in the pursuit of our overall objective.

But what happens if the process takes time? Measuring the result may not be possible or viable or the best option.

One week, one month, one year, one decade? What happens if you aren’t able to measure the result because performance lags activity?

One of the options is to focus on the process; the steps we go through and the activity we undertake. In other words:

Are you doing enough of the right stuff?

Are you doing it in the right way?

And are you doing it with the right people?

We’ve all had instances when we aren’t yet seeing the result and the fruits of our efforts. In our high-expectation culture of on-demand media and on-demand performance, sometimes there isn’t the appetite to wait and be patient. Often we’re the biggest problem and our own biggest critic. We want results now.

But if we acknowledge that its activity which drives results, then regardless of any lag its our activity today which gives us the best indication of any potential results tomorrow.

Ensuring that we’re taking the time assess whether we’re doing enough, in the right way and with the right people is the best diagnostic we have to measure future performance and make any necessary changes.


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