Pick Pocket

How Would You Like To Pay?

‘Excuse me?’

‘How would you like to pay? Because in order to secure this promotional offer you’ll have to pay now – and if you don’t, then you’ll lose out. It has to be now!’

It’s incredible that in today’s connection economy, when people buy based on trust, referrals and value, that any business still feels they can apply the old, hard-sell, push-you-into-a-corner, force-you-to-hand-over-your-credit-card-details sales techniques that are as outdated as they are ineffective.

The only way to sell and the only way to build long-term sustainable relationships is to:

  1. Care more about the customer than the sale
  2. Provide credible information, a credible product or service and a credible approach
  3. Connect with the other person by making it personal and thinking abundantly
  4. Deliver a concise value-proposition that is easy to understand and easy to articulate
  5. Act and sell congruently – based on the values of the individual

Pushing people into a corner may expose the vulnerable and result in a one-off, spot transaction. But it won’t end with customers who will be loyal, promote and advocate.

And those are the customers that matter.




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