It’s Easy to Criticise

It’s easy to be the one to criticise the idea. It’s easy to be the person who shoots down the creative or the concept. It’s easy to be the one to pick holes in the proposal. It’s easy to be the one who says, ‘no’. 

It’s far more difficult to be the one coming up with the idea, the creative, the concept or the proposal… to be the one pushing boundaries, taking risks and being exposed to potential criticism.

We all need to be challenged and all we all need to hear ‘no’ at times. However there is limited value in challenge after challenge after challenge – it’s boring, monotonous and often done just for the sake of it. It’s a sure fire way to negatively impact a relationship.

In order to encourage growth, we need to support as well as challenge.

We need to be able to support people’s thinking and give them the room to create; the opportunity to try; and the chance to fail. If we constantly say ‘no’ and challenge too much, then we restrict thinking. We demoralize people and we risk stunting their development.

There must be a balance between challenge and support – and challenge is not about saying, ‘no’. We challenge to liberate thinking, remove limiting beliefs and dismiss conventional wisdom. And then we support the choices which are made and provide a safe environment in which to do so.

In following this approach, we can and will encourage growth.

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