Raise Awareness

How To Raise Awareness

If we acknowledge that ‘to challenge’ is actually to ‘raise awareness’ – to raise awareness to different options, alternative views and greater possibilities; to provide unique insights, to skillfully question, and to share experiences; to share knowledge, provoke thought and connect. If this is what it means to challenge, then there are three routes to doing so.

  1. Teach

Share ideas, knowledge and perspectives. Provide information relating to the customer’s industry. Deliver insights which get people thinking differently.

By doing this, we’re able to stimulate how people think about their goal, problem, challenge or objective and how (often) relatable experiences contribute to their development.

  1. Coach

Work hard to understand two main points in time – point A, where are they today (and what progress have they made), and point B, where do they want to be in the future (and what does it look like)?

By understanding the definitions of points A and B and the gap which exists, we enable others to begin to consider what else they might do differently in the pursuit of their goal, objective, problem or challenge.

  1. Facilitate

Facilitate by sharing experiences, by connecting with others and by creating a network from which customers can learn from those who have already achieved.

By doing so we provide the opportunity to model best practice, benchmark performance and accelerate their learning curve towards a goal, objective, problem or challenge.

So three questions for you to consider with any given customer:

What might you possibly do to teach?

How might you possibly adopt the role of a coach?

Who might you possibly involve to facilitate connection?

By centring our activity around these three areas we contribute to the customer’s purchase experience, which is the primary driver of customer loyalty.


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