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Next week I’ll launch my first book and with it, embark on a new chapter in my life.

After having spent the most part of my working life to date within multi-national corporations, I’ve decided that now is the time to venture somewhere different. And that place is to provide training and coaching services both to individuals and businesses.

If you’ve been to this site before or read any of my articles and come back, hopefully it’s because you’ve seen something which has resonated with you; whether that be with respect to sales, leadership, coaching, marketing or personal development.

What I hope comes across in them is that they’re real; that they’re authentic (typos and all!), and that they represent me and my ideas; that they take a snippet and tell a story which has some meaning and significance.

So when I say: No, There Will Never Be A Perfect Time; when I ask, How Do You Know If It’s Good Enough; when I tell the story of the Whining Dog; when I ask you How Do You Spot And Stave Off Vampires, when I talk about Knowing When To Pull The Plug and when I discuss Why Training Fails; it’s because they’re all things which are real problems, fears, concerns or issues to me at the time. And that it’s me talking.

And the book is written in the same way.

So whilst GO NAKED Revealing The Secrets of Successful Selling is primarily about selling, and how to be more successful in the new economy, I believe it touches on many of the other subject areas above and I hope it to be the first in a series which will then move into the other areas in more detail.

If you’d like to receive a free copy of the opening chapters of the book, simply click here and send me an email with the word ‘gift’ in the subject line.

In this 29 page opening you’ll learn:

  • Why so many people fall into ‘the crowd’
  • What the most successful sales people do differently from the rest
  • How you can start increasing your chances of success today

So take action now and email me here with the word ‘gift’ to get your free copy.


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