Winging It

Everyone Wings It

The phrase ‘winging it’ is usually used to describe a moment in time when an individual – without preparation or a plan – just does what feels natural to them.

In the moment, they improvise.

If the norm, the status quo, or the modus operandi is to prepare, plan, and perfect, then improvisation – creating in the moment – can feel uncomfortable.

But actually, we all wing it at one time or another. And we should all be more willing to improvise, to act spontaneously, to think on our feet and to create, more often.

Because we can’t always have a plan, we can’t always be ready and we can’t always be prepared.

Sometimes we just have to give it and go. Enjoy the ride. And appreciate that we’ll get better along the way.

The truth of it is that everyone wings it – some just do it more confidently than others.



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