Creating Your Own Performance

If I want to improve my golf, I would be wise to do any of the following: join a golf club, get some lessons, invest in a decent set of clubs, play regularly, play with people better than me, watch some videos, read Timothy Gallwey’s, ‘Inner Golf’, have someone assess my performance and provide some ideas and feedback.

Same goes for skiing. Want to get better? Get into the mountains more than once a year, get some lessons, ski with someone better than me, observe others, get some comfortable and well fitting boots, find somewhere to practice out of season, join a club, read Timothy Gallweys, ‘Inner Skiing’, have someone give me some pointers.

What about tennis? What then? Well, the same would be true. Join the local tennis club, play regularly, play against people better than me, get a coach or mentor, buy a well fitting racket, watch what others do, read Timothy Gallwey’s, ‘Inner Tennis’, have someone video me so I can review my performance, get some feedback and figure out what needs to change.

It turns out that we are in charge of our own performance and that, in fact, we can create our own performance.

And there’s no trick to it. Just following a set of well trodden steps that are crucial in the development of anything:

  1. Join a group or forum of people with similar interests
  2. Invest in training and development
  3. Find the top 10% of performers and copy what they do
  4. Observe what great looks like
  5. Get a coach and/or mentor
  6. Practice
  7. Get feedback
  8. Reflect on performance
  9. Read
  10. Leverage technology and tools to become more efficient

Performance isn’t a fixed point on the horizon, but a movable one in the near ground which is created by our input.

You don’t have to do all of these things, but the more you do, the better you’ll get. Same as anything, you create your own performance.


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