Competitors, Contracts And Context

Traditionally we’ve focused on the first two: the competitors and the contract status.

Find out what they use, how long they have to run on the contract and then pitch our product or service relative to the competition.

The problem with pitching my product or service against what the customer already uses is that they don’t really care. They don’t really care whether I have an extra widget over and above the one they use today because the functional performance of the product or service doesn’t necessarily change.

So what really matters to them is what really matters to them – the context of their world, which are the goals, objectives, problems or challenges they face on a daily basis.

Their goals may be personal or professional, their objectives organisational or departmental, their problems are those areas which provide opportunities for improvement and challenges are the barriers or obstacles that halt their progression.

In understanding the customers context – their goals, objectives, problems and challenges – then we can frame our offer and what we do, not versus the competition, but aligned with their world. And it is in pitching our product or service relative to the customer’s Context where we have the opportunity to make the biggest difference.


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