What We Can Learn From Multi-Level Marketing

There are broadly four principle drivers of internal, positive motivation: autonomy (a sense of control), mastery (a sense of progression), connection (a sense of team or network) and finally, purpose (or a sense of meaning).

If you want to do something – or encourage anyone else to do something – effectively and over a long period of time, then these four drivers have to be taken into account.

It’s why people perform well when they feel a sense of ownership in a project (autonomy).

Why people are more likely to stay with an organisation when they feel as if they are being developed, vertically or horizontally (progression).

It’s why you’ll often hear people say they stayed with (or left) an organisation because of their boss (connection).

And why culture and fit are critical success factors (purpose).

Multi-Level Marketing offers the opportunity of all four.

It gives people the chance to take control of their ‘own’ business, to earn what is often a supplementary income and do it on their terms. It provides the opportunity to develop, from ‘passenger’, to ‘cabin crew’, to ‘co-pilot’ and ‘pilot’. In addition, given its foundation on friendship, network and support of one another, there is an inherent sense of connection that is cultivated. And finally, when the motives of the product or service are aligned with the values or belief of the members, there is a positive link, which strengthens the desire to succeed.

As with anything, the long-term success of a multi-level marketing initiative will come down to the level of authenticity which exists, between the organisation, its members, and its customers.

Because the caveat around these four drivers is that they have to be real. The promise of (or perceived) autonomy, mastery, connection and purpose may generate willingness today but only actual realisation of these factors will create continued desire tomorrow.

Find a way to develop any organisation, team or approach to the market that can apply these four principles in a sustainable and authentic way and, chances are, you’ll make a difference in the market.


P.S. Average selling price, number of customers, number of transactions, number of referrals and customer loyalty all increase when you effectively leverage the above. 


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