About Michael Smith and GO NAKED®

Michael believes that strong relationships and connections lead to success and that the best way to create them is to ‘GO NAKED’.

Michael graduated from the University of Leeds after completing a BSc in Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry. After taking up a sales role within a medical device company, he quickly established a successful career within the industry which has since seen him appointed to numerous sales and marketing management roles across three multi-national companies.

In 2010, Michael was awarded an MBA with distinction from the University of Warwick where his final dissertation focused on strategies for market entry. Most recently, in 2012, Michael completed his Professional Certificate in Coaching at Henley Business School. Michael is currently serving as Director of Sales, Europe.

In 2013 Michael created GO NAKED® – a series of training, coaching and development programmes based on seven principles of success which can help individuals and businesses to increased performance.

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Become an international leader in training and personal development. To be committed to personal development and growth of individuals, groups and teams. To provide this via Coaching, Training, Speaking and Writing. To uphold absolute integrity in all we do and keep those individuals we work with central to thinking and doing. To develop long-term relationships. To have fun and work with a sense of humour. To commit those individuals we work with to positive action.

Life is a contact sport, business is a contact sport and ultimately it is people and the way in which we interact with people which will make the difference.

Michael’s Values

  • Trust
  • Close Relationships
  • Helping Others
  • Fun, Humour and Enjoyment
  • Growth through Personal Development
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