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For today only, there is a one-off opportunity available to readers of GO NAKED to benefit from the insights of three leaders in the field of sales, leadership and connection – Jamie SmartIsaiah Hankel and Leigh Ashton.  And anyone who purchases a copy of GO NAKED: Revealing The Secrets Of Successful Selling from Amazon today, Tuesday 11th November, in either paperback or Kindle format (the Kindle version is available for only £4.99 whilst the paperback is only £10.59) is eligible for these three bonuses worth £375 in value:

Bonus #1 – Getting Clients Congruently Audio Programme, by Jamie Smart

Bonus #2 – The Emotionally Intelligent Leader, by Isaiah Hankel

Bonus #3 – The 9 Biggest Sales Mistakes, by Leigh Ashton

All you need to do is order your copy today, Tuesday 11th November and forward the Amazon order confirmation email to me here. You’ll then receive three bonuses worth £375 from three internationally acclaimed authors and speakers, all experts in their fields.

Bonus #1 – Getting Clients Congruently Audio Programme, by Jamie Smart

Standard price £389, Special GO NAKED promotional price £69

JamieSmart is an internationally renowned writer, speaker, coach and consultant. He shows individuals and organisations the unexpected keys to clarity; the ultimate leverage point for creating more time, better decisions and meaningful results.

Jamie is the author of international best seller Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results. In addition to working with a handful of coaching clients and leading selected corporate programmes, Jamie runs professional development workshops for business leaders, trainers, coaches and consultants. He has appeared on Sky TV and on the BBC, as well as in numerous publications including The Daily Telegraph.


In this exclusive Audio Programme worth £389, Jamie explores what the invisible factors are which are sabotaging your ability to attract and retain clients and customers, and why it took Jamie and a room full of 200 people to show him what it was.

In fact, the insight he received was so powerful that it lead him to re-write all of his sales processes from 2011 onwards.

This exclusive Audio Programme is a must for all sales people, coaches, trainers and consultants.

The Audio Programme is the full recording of a two-day event with Jamie Smart where he focused on how to enjoy getting clients and customers in an authentic manner.

Will you learn about tactics? Yes, but they’ll be built on a solid foundation so that you can find the tactics, techniques and approaches that resonate with your personal values and fit with who you really are.

Bonus #2 – The Emotionally Intelligent Leader, by Isaiah Hankel

Standard price £20, Special GO NAKED promotional price – FREE

Isaiah Hankel is an internationally recognised speaker and author who helps individuals, teams and organisations develop a more entrepreneurial mindset to accelerate their business success. He is the author of international best seller Black Hole Focus: How Intelligent People Can Create a Powerful Purpose for Their Lives.

Emotionally Intelligent Leader

In his limited edition book worth £20The Emotionally Intelligent Leader, Isaiah asks: why is it that some people crack easily under pressure? Why when they are faced with a difficult situation and, instead of rising above, do they fall into oblivion. Why do they sink into depression, lash out in anger, create meaningless drama, and, ultimately, let others walk all over them? Yet, others—a select few—experience pain and hardship, often at the hands of someone else, without losing their cool.

These people simply wipe the sweat from their brow and keep pushing forward. Behind the scenes they strategize and innovate until one day, they have a breakthrough and leave behind those who were pushing them down. What is the difference between these two types of people?

The difference is Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. The combination of emotional intelligence—knowing how to manage your emotions and understanding other people’s emotional states—with strong leadership skills is extremely powerful. Emotionally intelligent leaders value both knowledge and action. They take risks and always find a way to achieve their goals. Instead of waiting for things to happen to them, emotionally intelligent leaders make things happen. They don’t flinch and stumble when an obstacle rises up, they overcome, or they use the obstacle to their advantage. Most importantly, they face adversity without losing control of the one thing they always have power over—their emotions.

Bonus #3 – The 9 Biggest Sales Mistakes, by Leigh Ashton

Standard price £35, Special GO NAKED promotional price – FREE

Leigh Ashton is an author, speaker, trainer and coach, and founder of The Sales Consultancy. She helps sales professionals and business owners get more sales.

9 Biggest Mistakes

The 9 Biggest Sales Mistakes identifies those key mistakes that are stopping sales teams, companies and business owners fulfilling their sales potential. The report establishes how to identify these errors, indicates how they can be eliminated – and sets out how to avoid them.

For example – Mistake number 5: Asking The Wrong Questions. But what are the wrong questions – and what are the precise questions anyone selling should be asking?

You can find out in the report.

In The 9 Biggest Sales Mistakes you’ll find masses of practical sales strategies, suggested actions and invitations to benchmark your own sales performance against industry best practice.

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So, there it is. The opportunity to hear directly from three international experts in the areas of sales, leadership and connection.

To take advantage of this one-off promotion and claim your £375 worth of bonuses, you need to do the following:

  1. Order your copy of GO NAKED: Revealing The Secrets Of Successful Selling today, Tuesday 11th November in either paperback or Kindle for as little as £4.99
  2. Email a copy of your Amazon order confirmation dated today, Tuesday 11th November to michael@gonakedselling.com
  3. Immediately receive your copies of The Emotionally Intelligent Leader by Isaiah Hankel and The 9 Biggest Sales Mistakes by Leigh Ashton
  4. Receive your exclusive voucher to order Jamie Smart’s Getting Clients Congruently Audio Programme for only £69 versus the standard price of £389.

This opportunity to save £375 and get these three bonuses together won’t be repeated so don’t miss out!



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