Being The Intrapreneur

There has been much talk by business commentators and writers about the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurialism. At times, it’s perhaps easy to think (given some of these ideas) that we should all quit our jobs and run headlong into a new venture expecting it to be fundamentally different to our previous roles.

Whilst the chance to start a business undoubtedly provides opportunity and fulfillment for some, it is not the be-all and end-all, certainly not for everyone. It is most definitely not a better or worse option – merely an option.

There is perhaps a perception that one is easy whilst the other is hard. That one is safe, whilst another is risky. Or that one is right, and the other is wrong.

However, neither is any easier or harder, safer or riskier, or better or worse. They’re just different. And each is based on fit and personal preference.

Isn’t there always a ‘but’?


The ‘but’ is that there is no difference in the above, so long as your ultimate goal is to be the owner of whatever your particular kingdom looks like. Whether that be a job, a role, a project or initiative, a territory, region, country, or something bigger. In addition, our ‘jobs’ as sales professionals shouldn’t revolve around a task-orientated tick-list, but be a matrix of interconnected commercial projects. And that’s the case, regardless of the product or service we sell.

Those people who perform well and who are successful, regardless of their title or operating structure, have a number of key attributes in common. A range of key success factors that allow them to excel and achieve. These people are ‘intrapreneurs’.

An Intrapreneur is a person who works effectively with others, who takes direct responsibility for the success of a project or initiative; of turning an idea into a profitable outcome through assertion and innovation.

What are you doing today to be the Intrapreneur?


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