Being Shot At

Being Shot At

When you create something new, when you find a way to make a difference, when you serve customers, when you connect with people, then you can expect one thing for sure.

To be shot at.

The bullets and the guns aren’t always that obvious to start with. Perhaps they’re disguised or covered up; sometimes masquerading as something else or someone else with benevolent intentions. But often the bullets and the guns are there.

They key however is being ok with the above. Being ok in knowing that when you make the sale, win the business or create something worthwhile then, by consequence, you will be shot at.

Being ok with all of this is important. Because it allows you to continue unperturbed, to do your thing. The thing which made a difference in the first place.

Hitting a static target is one thing.

That’s easy. If they can do it, we can do it.

Hitting a moving target is something quite different indeed.

You may not get hit, but expect the bullets to come.


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